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>>>>> BABERA04 : Joni Void + N NAO - Nostalgie d'une Porte Ouverte


Nostalgie d'une porte ouverte

Partout / Nulle Part

Bas du Fleuve

Pleine Lune

Le Passage

Défaire le Visage

Origami Fold / Passé Composé

Tout Va Alt. (feat. Eddie Wagner)

>>>>>>>>> Bandcamp


Created & Performed by

Jean Néant + Naomie de Lorimier

& Eddie Wagner - Flute on track 8

Recorded in Montréal, Québec 

at La Lumière Collective - March 5th, 

June 4th & July 4th 2020

Except for track 8 - recorded June 11th 2019 chez Sarah P.

‘Nostalgie d'une porte ouverte’ is based around / 

samples ‘nostalgia of when you open the door' by middle cow creek falls

Mastered by Naohiro Asakura,  on Sep - Oct 2021 at nostos 

Design by Tomoko Kinugawa 

Cover art by Yui Mikami​


 - We often perceive sights and smells from music that we have never experienced before. Is it too much to say, that when people who have never seen the same scene collectively refer to a piece of music as a "soundtrack" there is an experience of nostalgia that accumulates not only within us, but in the aggregate?

BABERA04 is an album by Joni Void + N NAO who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. 

The music is experimental yet "nostalgic", carefully capturing the dialogue between the two musicians as they move between tension and relaxation, and the time that is created based on that dialogue.

The album was mastered by Naohiro Asakura (middle cow creek falls), 

at his studio "nostos" in Mie.

The artwork was newly written by illustrator Yui Mikami.​




カナダ・モントリオールを拠点に活動するJoni Void + N NAOの作品です。


マスタリングを担当したのはmiddle cow creek fallsこと朝倉直浩氏。



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