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>>>>> BABERAEDCT03 : tofe nvoc - rule loves the will haunt you in the end EP

>>>>>>>>>>> statement (English)

Regarding the foolish Prime Minister - we don't want to call him by his name at this late hour. Instead, we will refer to him from now on as AB - we have been thinking lately, "Does AB really deserve a state funeral?” AB was the worst at least to us, because he ate our sugar with only himself and his friends and threw the leftovers to the rest of us. On the other hand,  we were called "people like this" and denied the right to even be citizens of a democratic country.


For much of the postwar period, the LDP has won elections. So it is only natural that the role of a certain degree of control over society is credited to the LDP, but it is also natural that there are things they cannot invade. It is the ideology and spirituality of each individual, or the Constitution and the law. The words, deeds, and choices of politicians are not merely the assertions of one individual, but strike people of all identities and walks of life. However, after AB became the leader of the party, the LDP destroyed it. They decided on rule solely at their own discretion, uprooting social norms and assets. They violated the Constitution and the law as a matter of interpretation, and used their own rule as equivalent to the law. And they refused to listen to those who criticized and opposed them. There is no the concept of dialogue. Democracy has become a casualty of the past.


Strangely similar to AB, during the time of the infamous Thatcher administration, two words were punned in the UK : "cool and rule" - the original austerity policy called "Cool Britannia" was based on the song "Rule Britannia".  As the straightforward title suggests, rule is the word for aggression. They rewrote rule as cool, but the essence of the superficial cool is rule themselves - this composition resonates with the worst policies of the worst ABs in Japan.


For example, the Abenomics policy advocated by AB had the name of "raising the standard of living of the "nation" as a whole”, but only the profits of large corporations have risen, while the average person is suffering from lower wages and higher prices. The Olympics is a very similar variation. Since it is a camphor for economic revitalization, there are naturally politicians, officials, and large corporations who want to take advantage of it. They use a large amount of tax money as their capital, and are concerned only with how to increase it and put it in their own pockets. One news item was recently reported - Former olympic games organizing committee director bribed by AOKI officials arrested on suspicion of facilitating company in official supporter contract, and the exact same thing was done with KADOKAWA too. It is treated as if it were a major scandal, but in fact this is not surprising or anything. When we released the song "sadism" a year ago, we wrote the name of both of AOKI and KADOKAWA on the list, but that does not mean that we have comet eyes. It was a future that could well be predicted, and a lottery that had a higher chance of being right than the weather forecast. However, the prize money for the lottery would be paid out of Tokyo taxpayers' money for many years to come.


Let us give you another variation. The very precepts of Cool Japan that we oppose were the new self-serving rule determined by politicians. The AB administration took advantage of the cultural assets created by "cool" anime, manga, and idols, and as a result, distorted them severely. This is a brilliant catalogue of acts of aggression prompted by self-esteem, incomprehension, and excessive loyalty to the economy.  Now, instead of "cool" that once existed, there is a business that is running at a huge deficit. It is exactly the same structure as the Olympics.


No matter how one looks at it objectively, the title of "longest term in office of all time" held by AB, who was involved in all of this, coordinates in the exact opposite position of glory. However the LDP are using this "glory" as a reason to add a new variation: a state funeral for AB.


Now, we would like to ask the question once again.

"Does AB really deserve a state funeral?"


We do not want to criticize AB's funeral itself. This is a sympathy for "people like this" who are grouped in the same frame as those who wish to be buried in a state funeral. It was citizens whose rights are guaranteed by the state who expressed their will at the campaign speeches, but AB spat at them, calling them "people like this". In short, "GET OUT".  Why is it that "people like this," who were denied everything they thought and did, and even be refused to be treated as citizens, are suddenly treated as "nation" in the case of a state funeral, and have to pay for? As if they want it?


We think this matter deserves some consideration and should be discussed by many people. And we would like to take this opportunity to talk about our own thinking. So here's the thing - politicians can't pick and choose their citizens but they try to control even that with their own rules. Such politicians should be asked to leave by a very democratic method - a "cool" method - that is different from the self-serving and original rules they prefer. Don't let them use "cool and rule". It is not a term used for exaltation or for politicians or big business, but at the same time it is not just for "people like this". It is a word for all citizens protected by the state as a right, even if they have different beliefs and ideologies. Cool is swallowed by the rule, and rule control the cool... The outrage by politicians may be unstoppable at times, but we must NEVER lose sight of that premise alone.  “cool and rule" are inherently something that only citizens can control and enforce.

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