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>>>>> BABERAEDCT03 : tofe nvoc - rule loves the will haunt you in the end EP


you change

cool is rule

I’M AGAK / scatterbrain / MIRROR

rule is cool

(but I’m) new, here

​>>>>>>>>> Bandcamp.

>>>>>>>>> On Bandcamp, use download-code here so you can download for free.

basic sound of songs has taken from several hours of improvisation.

never return to there, and never to be replayed again.

we’re anti-neoliberalism. anti-nationalism. anti-cool-jap. anti-hate.

anti-poorness. anti-non-political. anti-fascism. anti-violence. anti-thoughtlessness.

tofe nvoc is the observation point for repressed control. 

a swarm of resignation. 

a name given to the hieroglyphs of the industrial blues.

tofe nvoc is you who’re abused.

​>>>>>>>>>>> statement (Japanese)

>>>>>>>>>>> statement (English)

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